The key communicator of the gospel is the saved man. He is alive with the Holy Spirit. He has access to unlimited amounts of Bibles, books, tracts, videos, podcasts, blogs, television, radio, smartphones, postal services, airplanes, ships, trains, buses, and automobiles, horses. He has the ability to go from his hometown to the uttermost parts of the earth, whether personally or electronically. He is not hampered. It no longer takes three months to get to India. Many saved people travel much and communicate much, but they do not preach the gospel everywhere they go, as they go. They have mobility, but they do not use it for the kingdom.

Every Christian should have books, booklets, tracts, and New Testaments in English—or any other languages which people he is around speak—in his possession or within easy access at all times. Have them with you on the plane, in the hospital, in restaurants, etc.

In the weeks just prior to writing this, I was away from home. On planes, in airports, restaurants, and in private meetings I had the right piece of literature for the right person in English, Spanish, and Chinese. In every case, they were glad to receive it.

There are many positive effects of giving a book. It is a gift; people are grateful to receive it. Books are also considered authoritative. Books are written on many subjects by many experts, all of whom know more than I do and express it better. They are also available in many languages. People can read the books while I am at home in bed. In other words, the books can do more evangelizing than I personally can.

If I give a person the right book for him, his esteem for me increases because of my love for him and my wisdom in knowing his need. My witness is magnified in quantity, in quality, in knowledge, in languages, in time, and in respect for me. 

You can get your own supply of books to give away online, in any Christian bookstore, used bookstores, garage sales, or from (the International Bible Society) or the American Bible Society.

Written in 1982.