No parameters, no
speed of light nor time nor space.

Nothing to measure in
light years or miles

and then God created
the Heavens and the Earth.


In and around and
above that wet, dark and formless empty earth

The Spirit Hovered.


From beyond the
night, beyond the heavens and apart from the Earth

God said, “Let
there be light.”

And there was light.


Six measured days
later God created man in His own likeness.

But man believed a
lie to be more like God and indeed became less like Him.

Man’s thinking became
futile, and his foolish heart was darkened.


Now we are measured
in time, square miles, and by the Bureau of Standards.

Into that measured
land, in a farmhouse on a quarter section in central Nebraska

God created a man,
partly in His likeness.


Twenty measured years
went by,

and over and around
that man with a dark and formless void,

The Spirit hovered.


Into that void,
formless and dark, pierced and then flooded, a light.

For the same God who
in the beginning said, “Let there be light,”

Has now shined in my


To give the light of
the knowledge of the glory of God

In the face of Jesus

– Jim Wilson