“’Let all who are simple come in here!’ she says to those who lack judgment” (Proverbs 9:4, 16).

This quotation is taken from two different persons, Wisdom and Folly. They say it from the same place, “the highest point in the city” (9: 3, 14), and they say it to the same people, “those who lack judgment.”

Then a difference takes place. Wisdom offers food, wine, and life openly and honestly, but asks for repentance (9:5-6). Folly offers a lie: “Stolen water is sweet, food eaten in secret is delicious!” (9:17), but does not ask for repentance.

Wisdom gives life. Folly gives death. Folly offers present benefits which are called sweet and delicious, “but little do they know that the dead are there, that her guests are in the depths of Sheol” (9:18).

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