There are only two things you can do at any given time: obey
God or disobey Him. Obeying God and confessing your sin when you disobey is
called walking in the light: as soon as you get in the darkness, you confess
your sin and get back in the light.

My book How to Be Free: More Essays on Christian Living
is about how to be free from besetting sins and obey God. It covers different
topics like depression, worry, anger, low self-esteem, guilt, gossip, lying, a
critical spirit, complaining, etc. It also talks about how to walk in the
light. The book is available at and Amazon.

Sins do not travel in singles. If you have unconfessed sin,
it sets you up for more sin. If you get into the habit of confessing sin, you
will not have to go through the ins and outs of obedience and confession so
much. Take care of sin when it occurs. Do not wait.

It is possible to walk in the light, which makes it easy to
obey God. When you are walking in the light, you can rejoice always, you can be
anxious for nothing, and you can give thanks in everything. You do not have to
be addicted to sin.

The best preventative for sin is being in the Word daily and
choosing to do what it says. If you are not reading your Bible daily, I
encourage you to join the To the Word! Bible Reading Challenge. You can find
all the details at Do not worry that the plan has already
started – just jump in with today’s reading, and catch what you’ve missed when the plan starts up again in September.