Morality: A Military Necessity


Vincit qui se vincit

“He conquers who conquers himself.”

Is it ok to be in the military and be moral? The answer is yes.

Excerpt from the text: We had eighteen “boots” aboard. We (probably the captain) decided that these young men needed to be protected, and should be informed of the facts of life. It was a three-pronged effort. The exec talked to the men in a fatherly sort of way about their mothers, their sisters, their hometown girlfriends, and their wives. This nostalgia was to protect them from waywardness. An “assigned” chaplain talked with them about absolute morality and sin. And finally, the medical officer and the corpsman taught them about condoms and “past event cleansing.” … The training had left out the effects of peer pressure…

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This essay was first written for the US Naval Institute Prize Essay Contest several year ago. Our oldest son, Douglas, prepared it for submission and aided with the Latin references.
Because of the gross moral lapses in the US Military in the last few years I thought I should prepare it for distribution to our future leaders. Our second son has prepared it for publication in this form.
It is dedicated to the future military leadership in the United States.
James I. Wilson, 2004

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