You may be aware that more and more Christians are being killed
today for their faith in Jesus Christ than in all generations prior to this
one. We do not know how many have denied their faith in order to stay alive.

In my 71 years as a Christian, I have seen many who have not
denied their faith and many more who have confessed their faith under

Over the years, I have asked many Christians if they wanted to
be godly. It is an embarrassing question. They do not want to answer it. If
they answered no, it wouldn’t sound right, even though it would be the truthful
answer. They don’t want to answer yes, either. It would not be truthful, and if
they said yes, God might help them be godly! They would lose most of their
Christian friends.

In Luke 9:23, Jesus said, “Take up the means of your own
execution and follow Me.” So many Christians have compromised on little things.
I am not sure how they would fare in a life-and-death decision.

Written January 23, 2018.

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