Taking Back the Culture


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How should Christians react when the culture around them is disintegrating and drifting towards chaos?

Should we hunker down, praying and waiting for relief – consoled by God’s ultimate control and authority? Or is our calling and commission to respond instead with hopeful vigour and positivity to these unfamiliar testing times?

This book calls us to the latter option.

There is hope; this is Christ’s world; all authority has been given to Him. He is King of kinds and He is bringing all things under His control. And we are His instruments, His hands and feet – so there is work for us to do.

This books sets out the grounds for this hope, explains our role in bringing it about, and, above all, tells us how we must begin – by preaching the kingdom.

21 in stock


About the Author

Roger Dunlop lives in Belfast and works in medical education.

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