In February, my book Answered Prayer: The Faithfulness of God Made Manifest was released. Here is the introduction I wrote for the book:

“As I am writing this book and meditating on the Bible’s commands to pray, to thank God, and to intercede for others, and on the promises of answer to those prayers, I look back at my own history of answered prayer, and I wonder why I am not praying all the time, especially when I get such wonderful answers when I do pray. The answers are so good—I am just amazed.

“The stories in this book reinforce the biblical teaching on prayer, the commands to pray, and the explanations of prayer. As you read these stories, you might apply them by praying for the believers in your city, that they would be convicted of sin and confess their sin to the Lord. I keep a list of all the churches in the two cities nearest me in my Bible. I regularly pray for the Christians in those churches. When Christians get back into the love and the joy of their salvation, unbelievers get convicted of sin and are converted to Christ.

“My prayer is that this book will help you get into the habit of praying. You may be surprised at the results. As I look back at my own history and all the answers God has provided, I wonder that I am not pray­ing every minute of the day.”

If you would like to read the book, it is available on Amazon, Audible, and at