There are three types of people in the world that Christians do
not love with the Gospel. The first type are the people we witness to but
do not love. The second type are the unbelievers that we do not witness to. The
third are people we love but do not witness to.

That sounds like doubletalk. Let’s change it. 1) We witness to
people we love. 2) We love everybody and witness to them with love.

As Christians, we have the fruit of the Spirit—love. We are
commanded to love our neighbors and our enemies. The first thing is to have
the love. The second is to choose to love our neighbors and enemies.

Sometimes we can’t make the choice because we have lost the
fruit of the Spirit, love. We lack the fruit of the Spirit of love because we are
under the chastening of the Lord because of unconfessed sin. In order to get
the love back, we must confess sin.

Once we get the love back, we can choose to love our neighbors
and enemies and preach the gospel to them.


Written December 22, 2017.