What wealth of meaning and blessing
when the words are combined: holy in Christ. Here is God’s provision for our
holiness, God’s response to our question, “How can we be holy?” When we hear
the call, “Be ye holy, even as I am holy,” it seems as if there is, and ever
must be, a great gulf between the holiness of God and man. But in Christ
is the bridge that spans the gulf—or better still—His fullness has filled it

In Christ God and man meet.
There the holiness of God has found us and made us its own, has become human
and can indeed become our very own. To the anxious cries and the heart-yearnings
of thousands of thirsty souls who have believed in Jesus and yet know not how
to be holy, here is God’s answer:
Ye are holy in Christ Jesus.
Only listen to these words and believe. Repeat them, even a thousand limes, until
God’s light shines, until your heart is filled with joy and love and the words
echo back: Now I see it. I
am holy in Christ—made holy in Christ Jesus!

– Andrew Murray, from The Believer’s Secret of